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Differences between SUV, Minibus, and Minivan Rental

If you are thinking about a SUV, minibus, or a minivan rental, then you will want to consider a few things first. There are only a few differences between a SUV, a minivan, and a minibus. Knowing the differences will help you make an informed decision when considering what to rent.

All three options hold more people than a standard car. Minivans and SUVs typically hold the same number of people. It does vary among the make and models but they are comparably the same size. For larger parties, a minibus may be the better option. Minibuses typically hold more people than both the SUV and the minivan.

If you are traveling with lots of luggage a minibus may not be the best fit. They tend to have little or no trunk space. However, this can be overcome by simply renting a larger minibus to accommodate the luggage. SUVs and minivans are work horses when it comes to luggage. They both have ample room for large items or tons of smaller items. Basically, if you are traveling with gear a SUV or minivan is probably the safe bet.

Generally, the larger the car the safer it performs in accidents. Of course this too varies with individual make and models. SUVs are heavier than minivans and offer more protection in a normal accident. However, SUVs have been known to roll over in fast turns where minivans and minibuses do not. Safety is really not a factor as all cars are built on a base of uniformed standards but if you are concerned bigger is better.

Minibuses offer more passenger room but no storage. SUVs and minivans offer a little less passenger room than a minibus but the do offer extensive luggage capability. No matter what you choose, you will get a good car. Choosing is ultimately based on personal needs and preference.


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